The Government of Bihar conceived and resolved to set-up a Model institution where every facility for the education could be made available to the selected meritorious and talented students between the ages of 10 and 18 years belonging to the Weaker-sections and hailing from the rural areas. With the view, the Bihar  Legislative  Assembly, in 1951, appointed a Committee under the Chairmanship of  Sri. F. G. Pearce, the Principal of Rishi Valley School.

Sri. Pearce's scheme finally received the general approval of the Bihar Govt. in 1952 and the Residential School was opened on 15th November, 1954 at Netarhat with Sri. Charles Napier as its First Principal. The School admitted the first batch of students numbering 60 in 1954 for a six-years course. From 1982 onwards, the strength of Boys was raised up to 100.

The Alumni of Netarhat school have excelled in almost all the fields including Administration, Research, Medicine, Engineering and Teaching. The school is

situated  far away from disturbed and busy life of town, and is very close to lap of nature surrounded by Sal trees on a hill top. The whole atmosphere is based on Guru Kul Padhati - away from home, staying in Ashrams, simple and country made dress (bases on Gandhiji Vichar-Dhara). Continuing to provide excellent environment. The school has produced citizens who are following the motto of school "Atta Dipa Viharatha". The inspiration of school had let a number of students of this school (commonly known as NOBA-Netarhat Old Boys Association) to share their wisdom to whole world.


"Atta Dipa Viharatha" - Be Thou Your Own Light - is the motto of the school. It rightly motivates students to be self-dependent and instills in them confidence to face challenges of life. Great emphasis is laid on the all-round development (Sarvangeen Vikas) of the students.


Administrative Set-up

This School has been placed under the direct control of  the Secretary, Education Department to help the School Administration function properly and smoothly, the Human Resource Development Department, Govt. of Bihar / Govt. of Jharkhand through its notification constituted an Executive Committee, headed by the Divisional Commissioner as its Chairman. The Principal is the Secretary of the Executive Committee. As it is purely Government Institution, its entire administrative system is governed and controlled by the Govt. rules and regulations.

All teachers who are Gazetted Govt. Servants have been entrusted different academic and administrative control. The Principal is overall controlling officer and is vested with drawing and disbursing power.

Executive Committee
Name Designation

Sri Sushil Kumar Chowdhory
Chief Secretary, Jharkhand    


Shri Bimalanshu Shekhar Mallick
Principal Netarhat Residential School

Member Secretary

Director (Secondary Education )
Human Resource Development

Deptt. Jharkhand


Representative  Finance Dept.
Jharkhand ( Nominated by Finance Sect.)   


Sri Krishna Swaroop Prasad
Retired Vice Principal

Netarhat Residential School


Dr. Raji Ahmad Educationist
Retired University Professor


Sri Jyoti B.  Tubid

Home Secretary, Jharkhand


Netarhat vidyalaya Samiti (General Body)
Name Designation

Minister , Human Resource
Development Deptt. Jharkhand


Development Commissioner, Jharkhand,

Deputy Chairman 
Principal, Netarhat Residential School Member Secretary
Principal Secretary/ Secretary
H.R.D. Deptt. Jharkhand, Ranchi
Divisional Commissioner, Palamu Member
Divisional Commissioner, Latehar Member
Divisional Commissioner, Lohardaga Member
Representative Finance Deptt.
Jharkhand( Nominated by Finance Sect.)
Sri K.S.Prasad
Retired Vice Principal
Netarhat Residential School
Sri K.C. Deogharia
Retired Asst Master Netarhat Res. School
Dr Raji Ahmed, Educationist
Retired University Professor
Sri Narendra Bhagat
Retd I.A.S.
Sri J.B.Tubid

Principal (1954-2014)

Name of the Principal


Shri Bimalanshu Shekhar Mallick

At Present

Shri Charles James Nepier April 1954 to Aug 1955
Shri Radha Sinha Sep 1955 to Mar 1956
Shri Jeevannath Dar April 1956 to 1966
Shri Virendra Kumar Sinha Jan 1967 to Feb 1976
Dr. Ramdev Tripathi Feb 1976 to Feb 1979
Shri Kailash Narayan Mehrotra June 1979 to Oct 1980
Shri Mithilesh Kanti Oct 1980 to Sep 1983
Shri Dwarika Prasad Sinha Sep 1983 to April 1986
Shri Satya Narayan Singh Nov 1986 to April 1988
Shri Mangal Dev Pandey Aug 1988 to April 1990
Dr. Param Mitra Sashtri April 1990 to Sep 1991
Shri K.N.Vasudevan Aug 1991 to Sep 1995
Shri Kamleshwar Prasad Oct 1995 to Sep 2000
Shri Narendra Prasad Sep 2000 to Aug 2003
Shri Vinod Kumar Karn Sep 2003 to Jan 2010
Shri Ramakant Gajanand Marathe Feb 2010 to Nov 2010
Shri Ram Naresh Singh Dec 2010 to ---

Finance and Funding

To meet out the expenditure of the School the Govt. has made a Budgetary Provision.


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