To provide proper Health care to the ailing and sick students of the school, there is a 15 bed Sick room housed in the Chalet. The Medical officer along with a Compounder, a Sister, a Dresser and two attendants take care of the admitted and ailing students. Medicines are given free of cost on the recommendation of the doctor. In case of emergency, the students are referred to RMCH for special and proper treatment.


The State Electricity Board, Gumla sub-division supplies electricity in the Campus. Two generator sets owned by the School used to supply electricity to School campus when normal supply from outside was interrupted.


The State Public Health and Engineering Department, Netarhat, supplies the School with drinking water. The Students, Teachers and Staff depend upon the hand pumps installed in the campus when normal water supply is interrupted due to failure of electricity supply.


The school has a well stocked library consisting of more than forty thousand books on various subjects. The open shelf system enables students to have an easy access to the books of their choice. Almost all important dailies, weeklies and magazines including some foreign journal are available in the library.

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