- Gaurav Kumar – 235 (School Prefect)

Vidyalaya Prabhari Message

Shakespear once said-"knowledge is the wing where with we fly to heaven." But what about us, who are already acquiring knowledge in heaven itself. Netarhat Residential School is more than an institution, Netarhat is a culture, the last gurukul, a thought an aspiration which instill the sense of humanity and virtue in students and whole school family .It provides a platform to all the student - regardless of their social and economical status for their holistic development. Our school is in the lap of nature with its pleasant and relieving silence. We are put here under the stewardship of our loving and caring "Shrimanjis and Mathaji" We are cared and guided by our teachers as well as seniors. We interact with our friends, seniors and juniors and enhance our ability of accommodation. We feel here as our adobe and our teacher and schoolmates as our family members.

Despite all these, the institution I belong to is well known for the promotion of excellence. The motto of our school - "Attadip Viharatha" means be your won light is somewhat similar to Gautam Budha's last sermon to his disciple anand- "Appadipo Bhava". I can quite relate to motto and proudly ascertain myself to be a link to the chain of leaders, my school has produced.
At last, I salute thy great soul who thought of establishing an institution like this.

Gaurav Kumar (235)
(School Prefect)