Tree Plantation

Netarhat had always been known as a summer resort for its cool and pleasant climate. However, lately the plateau seems to have been affected by the phenomenon of global warming.

To protect Netarhat Vidyalaya from the adverse climatic condition, the NVS (Netarhat Vidyalaya Samiti) made some determined efforts to add more greenery to the school campus by going in for trees plantation in a big way, around 1000 to be specific.

The State Forest department officials were approached to provide technical and materials support. Bishunpur based Vikas Bharati - an NGO, too was too roped in.

Participation of boys, teachers and all other support staff in this programme was ensured. Around 1000 pits were dug all around the school campus. The selection of plant species was carefully done. It was a mix of those providing shade, others bearing fruits, still others providing useful timber and not to forget the trees bearing beautiful flowers.

Plant Nursery

A huge plant nursery has been developed in the school campus. The idea was, apart from meeting the school's own needs, it should also cater to the needs of the residents, mostly farmers, in nearby villages by providing them good varieties of baby plants of fruit trees and those of economic importance.

Also Mushroom production has been taken up to cater to the need of fresh vegetables for the ashrams.





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